First of all you will need to change your “pip install automl” to “pip install automl”. This will give you a verbose output and you will find exactly where the installation is failing.

For example a common case for the installation to get stuck is at the point when it tries to install multiprocess as one of its dependencies.

Requirement already satisfied: multiprocess>=0.70.7 in ...\lib\site-packages (from pathos<0.3.0,>=0.2.1->automl) (
Collecting multiprocess>=0.70.7

Turns out that multiprocess, at the time of writing, worked only on Python 3.6 instead of Python 3.11 (which I was trying to use).

To fix the issue in this case you can switch between Python interpreter. If you want to support multiple versions of Python on Windows this is a good tutorial:

If you are on Linux:

For my case I was on Pycharm. If you would like to change Python interpreter on Pycharm you can go to “Find Actions” -> type “Python Interpreter” and then just point it to an installation of folder of Python 3.6.

Anyway, this is if the installation is failing at multiprocess. The root cause of your issue might be different, like a permission issue, but whatever it is just turning on the verbose output and searching online should you give you enough information to unblock yourself.

In case you are still stuck, try to comment below and I will get back to you.