It can be easy for new managers or those wanting to become managers to feel inadequate or doubt there capabilities. Below are a few things you can practice to overcome your imposter syndrome.

Practice in small things (makes perfect)

Implement your project management skills or frameworks that you have learned into the smallest things. This will reinforce your knowledge and provide you with the confidence required. This could be for example a simple party at your house with your friends. Or a trip to the mountain.

You will need to turn into a project that needs to have a deadline and budget. Then break the project down into tasks. At the end you can do a debrief to break down the project outcome.

Join a non-profit volunteer organisation

This is my personal favourite. I would suggest you either join Junior Chamber International if you are under 40 or you join Rotary if you are above 40. They do regular projects and you should step in to be the project director for one of those projects. In there you will have access to a bigger project that the ones mentioned in the previous suggestion. You will also be management more people.

There is a real sense of satisfaction also associated with completing these projects as well as they are geared towards doing good for humanity.

Network/Interrogate other Managers

Let’s say your weakest point is budgeting for projects. You should find another manager, which could be your friend, colleague or someone else and have a talk about it. Do not feel awkward to ask questions about it. People like to help other people and feel superior when giving advice.

Do courses to re-affirm your capabilities

There are many courses online, both paid and free ones that you can enroll into. If you are already a manager there is only two potential outcomes to enrolling into them:

  1. Either you will learn something new and feel better
  2. Or you will not learn something new and be more confident

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