Yes you can! You can play for 1 hour free and then you will need to buy an upgraded membership.

What is the latency for Apex Legends on GeForce Now?

Pretty damn good, the latencies are below 10 ms it is crazy. Check this screenshot out from Luxembourg.

You will also need to do a network test from your router to GeForce now. You will need to download the GeForce Now App, then go to settings then Test Network.

DO NOT USE it does not show you real ping like the GeForce Now App.

My latency to the GeForce Now servers are at 24ms. To add this all up the total latency that I get when I play Apex Legends on Geforce Now is 28 ms which is amazing.

Also as an added bonus it runs smooth at 60 fps, even when I play on Wifi on my 2016 MacBook Pro. What a time to be alive!