In short you could if you satisfy the following conditions:

  • Ideal location
  • Number of IP addresses you have available
  • Network’s ping/speed
  • A mobile plan with at least 62.5 KB/s (512 KBPS) unlimited download speed

The mobile subscription plan’s cost needs to be less than amount of $ you earn per month through Honeygain.

How much do you really earn with Honeygain?

If you take a look at the landing page you will see an estimate on how much you can earn from the app. For example:

Well, to be frank when I first saw the estimate and started playing with the adjustable bars I was so excited and had even started budgeting for ideas like funding a phone with Honeygain and subscription packages.

Then I stumbled upon this post on reddit:

This is a post about long it takes to make 20$. Looking at the estimate I would have thought that 20$ would easily be achieved, even with 1 IP. Turns out (and it makes sense) that this will depend heavily on where you are located and the demand in your country/area.

In the reddit link above the user has to use 3 devices to make 20$ every 3 months.

So the best way to actually have an estimate would be to run Honeygain for a month. If you scroll down on the landing page you will actually see what factors influence how much you earn from Honeygain.

What is the best Honeygain location?

The best location is defined by the location which has the most demand. My guess is that this would be USA because there are channels which are country locked. Honeygain’s network can help outsiders access these sites. The other most important factor is the content delivery functionality which is only available in a selected countries:

What is the best network choice for Honeygain?

For your mobile subscription it will depend on more than just networking speed and ping as listed on the website. This could easily eat up 1-2 GB of mobile every month so you would need to choose a package which has enough bandwidth or one which continues to work even at a lower speed in case the initial high speed bandwidth has been exhausted.

Ideally, if you can do it choose an unlimited 5g network like Orange offers. It might cost 40$ per month and you won’t be making a profit but you would likely earn more with it.

How to know which mobile subscriptions to get?

The way to calculate this is to have a sample run on your current mobile phone for one month. Based on the website if you have an ideal location which is in demand, a network speed which is above 50 mbps and has lower than 50ms of ping to their servers you could be looking at 18 to 29$ per month on a single IP.

Then it is just a matter of choice, you will need find one subscription which is below that value.

Personal Verdict

With that number in mind you could shop around offers under that price. At the moment in Europe Orange has an unlimited 5g offering which costs 40$ per month with the phone included. 5g satisfies all the networking requirements of speed and latency, and Europe satisfies the location requirement. However, this still means that you would be at a loss here with 29$ – 40$.

(For those living in Europe, Tango used to have an unlimited internet offer at a much cheaper price but I am not sure if the offer is still available.)

So the final verdict is that depending on the factors above and the mobile phone subscriptions available in your country you might be lucky enough to make a profit out of this. I was not. But either way Honeygain will at least help you pay back the phone.