I recently had to travel to Europe and needed a PCR test done. Not for the covid restriction rules but because the airline that I was travelling through could ask for it.

I found out about that two days before my travel during checkin so I was a bit worried about the time it takes to do a PCR test and get the results back.

I looked online but to be frank in Mauritius you don’t find much online (not details at least). So I went to a Biosante branch near me.

How long to get PCR Test results?

I was pleasantly surprised there. Biosante gives you results the same day. For me I had done a PCR test at 7 am and I already had the results at 3 pm the same day. Which I think is amazing!

They will also take down your phone number and email address to notify you when the results are ready and also send you the results in PDF to your email.

What does the PCR Test result look like?

I have hidden the personal information part and cropped the bottom part of the image. But the important part here is the type of test done on the left and on the right the results showing that the test results were negative.

Where to do the PCR tests?

As you can see, they are all around the island. This is also explained by the fact that they have been here since 1993 and are the first Medical Laboratory in Mauritius to be accredited with ISO 15189 Certification.

How much does it to do the PCR Test?

At the time of writing which is August 2022 I had to pay 1500 MUR to do the test. This translates roughly to 32 EUR. If you have medical travel insurance you should be able to recover it, I think (I have not tried but if you tried let me know in the comments).

Does it hurt to do the PCR Test?

I can’t say this surely for everyone because everyone has a different type of body but in my case the test carried out was painless. The practitioner made sure to calm me down and was gentle through the procedure. So I will have to recommend going to Biosante to do your tests. The fact that they have been operating for 30 years also means that they have really well trained staff and are professionals.

Anyway I hope that you get your PCR Test on time and wish you safe travel.