Short answer is Yes it is! Blogging is particularly relevant actually in the technical domain. Let’s elaborate more on this.

Relevancy As A Source Of Knowledge

Nowadays most of the craze is about vlogging and YouTube. We have the impression that everyone just likes to consumes content as video or even audio through podcast. This partly true, however, this is not the case for all categories of information.

Let’s say you have to read a technical paper. You wouldn’t want to consume that through audio or video because when you read a technical article you have to make sure that you understand every bit of it. This requires you to go back and forth to confirm your knowledge.

This makes videos and audio formats very inconvenient as it is not obvious where to click to go back to point to a specific point that you want go through again.

It is still easier to search through written text in 2022

Second point is that despite the advancements of artificial intelligence it is still easier to search for content through text for Google. Most of the videos that rank well have to work with clickbait titles.

But if your content is in text format, whatever you say is indexed through the search engine and can be found when someone searches for information.

People still prefer to reference to articles than videos

Then comes the referencing problem. Most people (or students) still find it better to reference articles that are in text. This is specially so because it is more straightforward to quote, verify and generally more acceptable at different places/schools.

Relevancy As A Source of Income

Yes blogs do still bring money. Video formats, I have heard, generate more money per view. This is probably because of the video ads that are displayed compared to the simpler display ads on blogs. Although there are video ads displayed by AdSense too.

However, I would like to argue that this is counter balanced by the ease to get page views compared to video views. And also by the flexibility to add more display ads to your website.

This blog for example brings around 3000 page views per month consistently. That’s not much but it still generates around 10 euros per month with that through AdSense. It pays the bills for the hosting (and a beer I guess).

People even still write blogs as a business you can read more at