I was looking for the top view of the new Storm Point Map but couldn’t find one so I just took a screenshot from the game to whoever is searching for it like I was.

Storm Point Top View
Top view of storm point map apex legends map

What is the best drop spot in Storm Point Apex Legends?

As a Bonus for you visiting my blog I have also included the best drop spot in the new map where you are guaranteed to have at least blue shields and most of the time purple shields!

2 Purple Shields and 2 Blue Shields!

The drop place is bottom left on the map, I have pinged it in the first picture. It is between Cenote Cave and The Mill.

The other reason why this is a good drop spot in my opinion is that it is near the Sea. This gives you an advantage that there are fewer angles for third parties to engage you. If you loot fast enough you can move to the adjacent spots to secure early KP.

The new season has just came out and I think that as people discover the map more, this spot might get crowded or patched.