Step 1: Pick Pathfinder

Step 2: Go to Firing Range and Drop P2020 and ammo

Spawn at Firing Range
After dropping P2020 and Ammo

Step 3: Go to the right most entrance (if step 10 does not work go to the left most and try again)

Right most entrance

Step 4: Go inside and view the up there should be a ledge as seen in the screenshot below.

The ledge that you need to jump on

Step 5: Grapple onto the ledge. I usually grapple at the corner to make sure I don’t jump off the ledge when I land.

View after grappling onto the ledge.

Step 6: Crouch down around the center.

View after crouching down.

Step 7: Now look down completely until you can’t look further down.

Looking down completely.

Step 8: Now choose another legend.

Open the menu to change legends

Step 9: Pick any hero, for example I have picked Octane here.

Step 10: You should now here a metal clanking sound. When you go back to the training area the bots should now be active and shooting you as seen below.

If you are still having trouble enabling the bots, comment below and I will try to get back to you ASAP.