If you are wary about undervolting like me then using Windows 10 to throttle the CPU might be the right solution for you. I was able to decrease the average temperature from 90 degrees to 70 degrees by capping CPU Usage which is basically what undervolting would have done anyway.

I encountered this issue with my new MSI G65 Thin laptop where the temperatures would soar to 92 degrees Celsius while running compute heavy tasks or playing video games, like Apex Legends.

Step 1 .You need to set Dragon Center to ultra performance (yes the max)

Step 2. You need to checkout the previous post on adjusting the maximum CPU usage on Windows 10.

Step 3. You need to download Core Temp https://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ to monitor changes in temperature.

Step 4. Adjust the maximum CPU usage for “ultra performance” from 100% to 95% and set minimum CPU usage to 50%. Run the game and check the temperature. Continue to decrease the Max CPU usage until you have a satisfactory temperature.

Personally I have had to decrease it to 95% for the temperature to go down 92 degrees to 70 degrees.

Step 5 (optional). You can also modify the fan speed in the Dragon Center to always be at maximum. This should further reduce the temperature.

Step 6 (optional). You can also buy a laptop cooler stand. This should further decrease the average temperature.

I would suggest actually purchasing the laptop cooler online on Amazon because you should be able to return it in case you are not satisfied. Just make sure that you keep the box intact during unboxing and not to throw anything away. Below is a sponsored/affiliate link:

Below you can find graphs of before and after temperatures recorded solely by capping the CPU usage at 95% while playing Apex Legends. Note that I did not experience any FPS drops.

Hope that this has helped you decrease the CPU temperature of your laptop!