This article is a review of me buying the services or I should rather say buying a “gig” on Fiverr for 10$ to get me more Twitter Followers. This blog is new and so was is Twitter profile

The Gig

The main criteria that I wanted to use to choose the gig was that it should be legal. Most of the gigs that are on Fiverr seem to be using bots but I wanted one that was different. So after searching for a while I stumbled a gig which required me to provide my login to Twitter(Username and Password). This is a really bad idea and you should never have to provide any information like that. But it was a new Twitter account with 7 followers so I decided to go ahead with that.


How did she do it?

So the gig was advertised as I would manage your Twitter account and grow your Followers. Sure enough, a few days later I noticed that my Following count had drastically increased, wiped out and then drastically increased again. With every cycle slowly increasing my Follower count. I took a few screenshots along the way that you can see below:


Who are the followers?

This looked like great progress and I was intrigued! I had to know who the followers were and if they in fact interested in what I was writing. I was actually tweeting links to my blog during the whole process. I had a few engagements here and there but nothing significant. Also all engagements were from non-Followers. So who were they?

Twitter Bot Follower Sellers
follow backers
Follow Backers

Follow Backers

The Twitter bot part is self explanatory I think. The “Follow Backers” like I have named them are a common thing on Twitter. The rule is simple if you follow me, I will follow you back. And in this way this is an easy way to grow your Twitter Followers. What she was doing was looking for those Follow Backers(and sadly those selling Twitter followers) and following them. The thing which sucks with Follower Backers is that for many of them, they will stop following you after a while. You can see this in the after picture below.

Other Issues

Account Restricted

This is not normal behaviour and Twitter knows it. You will constantly have your account restricted and this is shown to anyone ones who hits your Twitter profile. So your whole profile will be unavailable a significant number of times during the 1 week process (like daily).


So my review is that please don’t waste your money on this. The followers are fake and do not care about your profile. They will actually slowly start to unfollow you. 10 Bucks wasted but mystery resolved.

A few days after “After”

Anyway I hope this has saved you 10 bucks. The best way to get Twitter followers is to be genuine, to engage and to share meaningful content.