Note that this guide applies if you have installed Mono from the Mac Package (.pkg).

  1. Open up a terminal
  2. Find out where the mono installations are by executing:
    which mono
  3. This should output a path as follows:
  4. Navigate to the Versions folder: cd /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions
  5. Run ls -la to find out which version Current is pointing and versions available at e.g. Current -> 6.10.0/ means that Current is pointing to Mono 6.10.0/
  6. Delete Current with: sudo rm Current
  7. Create a new link to the new Mono version (e.g.5.16):
    sudo ln -s 5.16.0/ Current
  8. Run mono –version to confirm the switch was successful

If you are having any trouble please feel free to comment and we will get back to you. You should make sure to list all the links with ls -la before deleting Current so that you can switch back to your old mono version in case of panic.