Do you know from May 15, WhatsApp will start exchanging some of its users’ data with the joint corporation, Facebook, for linking WhatsApp experiences with other Facebook company products such as Messenger, Instagram, etc.? This news has created a great buzz among cybersecurity experts, as this means a less secure service with more than 1.5 billion users worldwide.

If you are suffering from WhatsApp overload or do not like privacy concerns, these are some secure alternatives to WhatsApp that you can pick.


Signal Foundation is the leading organization behind WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger’s end-to-end encryption technology; it also offers a secure alternative to WhatsApp, known as the Signal private messaging app. You will be amazed by its security benefits. It provides screen security (stops screenshots from being taken by anyone) and many more services.

When Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and Space X, tweeted “Use Signal,” it saw an unexpected spike in downloads.

 Signal provides backups, calls, group calls, and all other data options in the app with encryption. Even essential files that you send through Signal are protected. Besides, it does not link any data to your identity, according to Apple’s App Store listing.

One of Signal’s main drawbacks is that you need a phone number for creating a new account. Also, you won’t have the customization levels you usually find as a WhatsApp consumer. That means no chat wallpapers option for conversation. Even still, it’s the perfect alternative to WhatsApp. It is free for Android, iOS, and Windows.


Perhaps the most valuable and secure option to WhatsApp is Telegram. Its setup, for instance, is very easy to use. You will quickly learn it. And above all, it nearly has the same features such as voice and video messages, a login system through phone numbers, stickers, emoji, chatbots, and group chat options.

For all your networking requirements, Telegram has an online chat program. Most importantly, Telegram protects your privacy with end-to-end encryption. Telegram is free and available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.


This Secure alternative to the WhatsApp app is also open-source, encrypted by E2E, and, like Telegram and Signal, deletes messages right after they are delivered from its servers. It verifies users through QR codes and does not require any phone number or email to sign up, allowing them to use anonymously.

It provides texting, voice, video calls, and services for its users. Its company’s headquarters are located in Switzerland, making the platform fully compliant with the European regulations on privacy.

The app’s main drawback is that you have to pay for it, but this enables its users to maintain the platform without advertisements or data collection. It is not free and available on iOS, Android, and the web.


The wire is at number 4 in our list of a secure alternative to WhatsApp. A wire is an encrypted messenger with options for messaging. It provides you voice chat, text, and video, options just like WhatsApp. It also has the option of GIFS and file sharing.

Unlike WhatsApp, it can synchronize across devices and support multiple accounts, especially when you want to keep your communications separate.

It also uses its open-source encryption protocol called Proteous, but based on both Signal and WhatsApp’s Signal protocol and undergoes periodic audits to keep it safe. A wire is available for Android, iOS, Windows and is free to use.


UTOPIA is a complete kit for secure instant messaging with encrypted email, anonymous payments and even private web browsing. Text, voice and emails sent are encrypted. The best part might be that the service actually is completely peer to peer so there is no central server (both in transmission and in storage which is amazing). It is designed in a way that it is not possible to find the IP Address or Identity of a user.

Utopia can run on Windows, MacOS and Linux.


It’s become quite evident in this era of Internet privacy that if there is no product, you and your data are the product. That’s why you can use these secure alternatives to WhatsApp applications to make your life easy by taking your privacy back into your hands.